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Just because I roleplay with others who portray the same character as you does not mean that I value you any less!
If you RP a canon character, there will be a lot of blogs with your same character, and each of them will portray that character a bit differently. Most indie blogs are multi-verse and multi-ship. There is no need to feel jealous or “replaced” when you see your partner interacting with a different blog that portrays your character.


Just because I roleplay with others who portray the same character as you does not mean that I value you any less!

If you RP a canon character, there will be a lot of blogs with your same character, and each of them will portray that character a bit differently. Most indie blogs are multi-verse and multi-ship. There is no need to feel jealous or “replaced” when you see your partner interacting with a different blog that portrays your character.

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"Not a chance." She ducked and drove a shoulder into his gut, using that momentum to try and roll out of arm’s reach, growling when his grip on her wrist didn’t slacken as much as she’d hoped. One dainty boot kicked at him.

If there was one thing Estella was, it was yet to be defined by any book on record. If there was one thing she wasn’t, it was prone to giving up without a fight.

"Let GO, damn you!"

It did surprise him when she rammed her shoulder into his gut but he was used to being rammed when he sparred with Perce so he knew not to let his grip loosen. “Nice try. No really it was a good job but you need a bit more power behind it.” He dodged out of the kick, rolling his eyes at how fidgety this girl was being.

"I don’t think you know how the law works around here." He spoke, amusement seeping into his tone. "When you break the law, like you did, you don’t get to get away with it. You have a trial and the king decides what happens to you. Funny that." He shook his head forlornly. "So I won’t ‘Let go’ no matter how many times you ask."

"Now we can do this the easy way," Here he pointed to his fingers still curled around her wrist. "Or the hard way which included a ride on my back."

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A buzzing in the back pockets of his jeans made Gwaine jump at first, fishing out his phone and sighing when he saw a text from his ex-girlfriend. 'I'm sorry I was upset. Can we try again? Please ~K x' Deciding not to reply he deleted the text and fell back on his bed, a sigh leaving his lips as he thought about all the relationships he had jumped to and from and wondering what was wrong with him. Why he couldn’t find a steady partner, it was tiring to jump from girl to girl and never finding that.. spark if you like.

Rolling over to his stomach he reached out when his phone started to belt out Nightmare from A7x, grinning as he saw Arthur’s name pop up. “Hey.” He answered, listening to his friend on the other end, smirk widening. Arthur had asked him to come around and right now that is something he definitely wanted to do. “Sure. Be there in ten.” He cut off and headed over to the Pendragons, his mind flashing to Arthur’s sister and how she flat out resisted his advances. 

It might seem that he had found his new challenge.

Morgana woke up and did her usual morning routines, consisting of bugging Arthur to get her breakfast and make sure her room was organized before uni started up again. She wasn’t expecting anyone over, in fact she was content with having the day to herself, minus Arthur’s pratty behavior when he’d want attention. Still, those were things she didn’t mind. However when she rushed to get the ringing doorbell only to find Gwaine standing at the door? She started to mind a lot more. Scrunching up her nose, Morgana stepped out of his way and crossed her arms, letting out a breath and a roll of her eyes.

Morgana was perfectly content with not having to see her brother’s sleezy friend. She was convinced he was just some drunk who wanted her only because she said no but there he was. If I don’t say anything, he won’t react. She thought to herself, not even caring anymore as she walked swiftly away from the foyer to the kitchen to get herself something to eat. She was determined to have her day of relaxation and not think of anything or anyone that stressed her out. She wouldn’t let anyone have that satisfaction.

But yet here she was, stressed out already.

It was pure luck that it was Morgana that opened the door, his lips already tugging up into a sly smirk when he saw her standing there. Just as he was about to speak she had moved and was heading towards the kitchen. The bubble of excitement that had been around him earlier popped in disappointment as he managed to loose the first opportunity to try out his new charming line. “Nice to see you too.” He mumbled, entering the house and kicking the door shut behind him.

Before he went to see Arthur he thought he should at least try and get Morgana to talk to him, or at least acknowledge him, or this would just be a waste of an opportunity. Padding gently to the kitchen, his arms folded behind his head, he gave a lazy grin over at Morgana. “Aren’t you even going to greet me? That’s a new low, even for you Morgana.” He made a tsking noise. “Certainly not very lady-like either.”

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Titania called out, laughing at him. She held his shoulders tightly as he lifted her. “How I have missed you! How are you?”

Gwaine grinned, squishing her softly as he gently set her back on the floor with a chuckle. “I have missed you too! I am great but how is my favourite Ania?” He asked, eyes fond. 



Titania settled herself on the ground and smiled up at him. “I am wonderful! How is Tanith? How is everyone?” 

Gwaine ruffled her hair fondly, thinking of everyone and shrugging. “They are mostly all okay. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a few of them however.”


Not the hair!” Titania laughed, shaking her curls out. 


"Oh really? What has kept you from them?"

Gwaine snickered, watching his friend shake her curls out with a fond look. “Fine. I’ll leave the hair alone.”

"You know, knightly duty." A small frown formed on his face. "I guess I really should make time for them though, being a knight is no excuse."

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Gwaine nodded when Oli moved back into the cave, trying hard not to show his shock at the man that now had legs instead of a.. tail. Is that what you call it? Shaking his head he headed out towards the front of the cave and peeked over at the fishermen who headed towards the shore.

"Oi!" One of them called over at him, looking up he gave an innocent smile. "Yeah?" He asked, hoping Oli would be okay for a couple of moments. "Seen this huge fish anywhere mate?" Putting on a confused face he looked around the water. "Not than these fish." He watched them roll their eyes and sailed off, waiting until they left until he went back inside the cave. "Oli?"

Olivier was completely unconscious, breathing slow and wet as it echoed of the cave walls. The seaweed bandage had slipped off his chest and down to his waist exposing the nasty wound once more whilst covering him in a different way. He was slumped and pale against the rock, eyelids flickering. The scar that once went from across his navel to his hip and tail now showed to continue along his thigh.

Breath hitching as he saw the exposed wound he knew the other needed some form of treatment. “Hold in there, okay.” He whispered, not even sure he could hear him. Shrugging off his coat he gently lifted the other up, wrapping the material around him to hopefully keep away the chill. Taking off his backpack he rummaged through his things before yanking out a tube of antiseptic cream, squeezing a glob on his hand before massaging it into the wound. He wasn’t a hundred percent that it would work as Oli wasn’t exactly human but it was better than nothing. 

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Name; Changes everyday. 

Chosen Name; G

Age; 18

Position; Changes.

For as long as G can remember G was not like other people, never staying in one body for longer than a day no matter how hard G tried. Any body that was the same age as G was a potential body that G would take over for a day, always leaving at midnight whether they were awake or asleep. As soon as G knew what was happening they made a promise to themselves, to never interfere in the life of their body. Try and be a good host and maybe it will earn them enough karma that they would eventually be able to have a body of their own. The limitations to G’s bodyswap is that it stays within the same country as the body he left and being forced out of the body at midnight each night. As long as G accesses the bodies memory they are able to wade their way through their life until they leave, but G is tired of swapping.

They just want a body of their own.

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G considered this and it was true it was sometimes got hard to separate herself to the body she was in but it was her duty, kinda, to make sure her shell at least went through the normal routine. “I think I do it because I want to make sure that if the original.. host  remembers anything it won’t be anything strange. It could cause trouble for them if they felt like what was being described in that meeting.” She turned to take her drink, offering thanks and picking up a straw to poke through the lid, sucking up the cold drink.

"When you go to sleep, huh?" She paused, biting her bottom lip. "Did you know that it happens at midnight, everyday, for me? I stayed up a couple of times, mostly when I was younger, to try and stay longer. It hurts." A shudder ran down her spine, thinking of the pain she had gone through the nights she had tried. Perking up a little when she heard him ask if she had email, glad someone else had the same idea as her. "Yeah I do! I write out my day so I can remember, sometimes the days get hazy." She paused, tilting her head to the side. "So you are 19? I’m 18!"

He shrugged slightly, but agreed with G’s logic - if any of the people they occupied happened to notice anything really strange, they could begin to talk, and god only knows what would happen if they were believed. “Yeah, I suppose that’s true. I’ve just ended up being kind of selfish,” he smiled slightly, yet his expression was tinged with sadness. Cen waited for a few moments for his coffee to be ready, before picking it up and taking a sip. 

"Oh, midnight everyday?" he repeated, tilting his head to one side. "Curious. That doesn’t happen to me. The few times I’ve managed to stay in the same body for two days has been when I haven’t fallen asleep. There’s no pain, and I’m not ripped out or anything. As soon as I fall asleep though, that’s when I move on to someone else," he explained mildly, taking another sip of his drink. "Oh, you’ll have to give me your email so we can stay in touch! And you’re 18? So, you always end up in bodies your age as well?" 

G shook her head, placing a hand on Cen’s shoulder and giving a small squeeze that was accompanied by a reassuring smile. “You haven’t been selfish, I think it is hard to be selfish in our position. You have a life too, even if it isn’t a… traditional life.” Her smile took on a sad edge, feeling bad that the other thought so badly of themselves. If G was being honest, which she doesn’t normally do, the only reason she made sure they remember their live was because she hoped that it would produce so much good karma that she could have a body to herself. She wasn’t willing to share this with Cen though, at least not yet.

Her eyes widened when she heard he could stay in the body for more than one day. “That is.. amazing.” She spoke in awe, slightly envious of Cen’s ability to do that. “But yes I get ripped out no matter what I do.” Hiding her grin behind her drink she lowered it to the table before taking out a scrap of paper and a pen from Lacey’s bag. “Find a way to get rid of this so your body doesn’t find it. That could get tricky.” She jotted down her email a simple, BookwormG hotmail account, and handed it over to Cen. “And to answer your question yes, I do only end up in bodies that are my own age.”

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That was probably why Gwaine hadn’t heard of the two of them if they only kept to small things, true it wasn’t as if he kept tabs on other weirdo’s in suits but he thought he might have heard something. “Fell into your laps?” He asked, arching a brow at Guardian. “Meaning?” He prompted, not entirely sure how it could do that. 

His eyes widened when he saw the bags of loot flying around, about to asking what the hell was happening before remembering the girl and snickering quietly. “She is good.” He commented, rather impressed, before turning to the other and taking the chord. “Oh that is an excellant idea.” A smirk worked it’s way onto his lips as he held the chord tightly.

"Shall we wait for him to come fleeing towards us?" He whispered with a wink, pausing briefly to wonder how the hell his day ended up with him working with two other hero’s to stop a bank robbery. "Or shall we do some.. stealth work and get closer?" 

"She’s always been clever," Troy chuckled, trying not to swell with pride. Even though Tessa had been reluctant to get into crime fighting, she did it well and with passion.

"Oh-we were nearby and had our gear," He added quickly and quietly, pausing  and considering the situation. "I like how you think, Shadow Knight. But I think this time we’ll just trip him up and tie up his hands-we’ve got a good angle to catch him off guard." He grinned under his helmet, then listened to the yelping. The robber had obviously noticed the items flying behind him.

"One of us has got to get across fast though-you want the honors?" He turned his head in Gwaine’s direction, gripping his portion of the length tight in his hand.

It was cute to see Guardian looking proud of the other girl, it reminded him of his sister. Actually that probably wasn’t the best thing to be thinking off when he had a job to do, even if it did mean teaming up with these two. “Natural smarts. S’good to have.”

Arching a brow, he wondered if they had gear that was linked up to the police network. That would certainly be a useful thing to have, instead of just being caught off guard and having to change without people seeing you. “Okay. Run in, trip him up and bind him. Got it.” He nodded, snorting when he heard the yelp, he certainly didn’t want to get on the wrong side of that chick.

Looking back towards Guardian he tilting his head to the side, pondering the offer. “You know what? You can have the honours, you deserve it for getting most of these crooks anyway.” He tightened his hold on the chord, giving a brief nod. “And good luck, though I doubt you’ll need it.”

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*Cracks knuckles* Lets get down to business. To defeat the drafts.

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